Golden Triangle Tour India

Golden Triangle Tour India

Get an introduction to the rich history, culture, tradition and heritage of the country with the Golden triangle tours which takes you to the three major destinations- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The golden triangle holiday packages are a must for the travellers to get a glimpse of exuberance and grandeur of the northern part of the country which is a direct reflection of the glorious past of these cities.

The golden triangle tour packages take you to the most popular tourist circuit of the country. The tour is quintessential for history enthusiasts who will truly get to witness the glory of the bygone era in the wonderful architectural marvels that are on offer in the tour.

The first stop of the golden triangle tour packages is Delhi- the capital city of the country. The vivacious city is sure to leave you mesmerised by its beauty. A true blend of past and present, old and new, rustic and modern, the capital city has a lot to offer to the tourists. From beautiful monuments to posh parliament street and embassies, the city is a beautiful potpourri. From narrow bylanes of old Delhi to wide roads of New Delhi, one can experience extremes of two world in Delhi. Shopping is altogether a different experience in this wonderful city. From streets full of trinkets to swanky malls with the posh brands, the city caters to everyone. A visit to the city is incomplete without gorging on the delish world famous street food of Delhi.

The next stop of the golden triangle tour packages is the historically significant and home to one of the wonders of the world, Agra. Major tourist attractions of the Agra includes the visit to Red Fort and the much coveted Taj Mahal. The best thing to do in Agra during your golden triangle tour is to visit the Taj Mahal during sunrise to see the monument of love in all its glory. The markets of Agra sell the best of souvenirs to take back home. Don't forget to shop for the famous "Agra ka petha" during the visit.

The golden triangle tour packages have Jaipur as the third destination. The capital city of Rajasthan state is also called the pink city and is a favourite among tourists for its beautiful architecture, shopping and vibe. The vibrant city is a shopping hub where you can shop for the best of jewellery, handicrafts, fabrics, footwear and home furnishings. The major tourist attractions of the Jaipur in golden triangle tour packages are Hawa Mahal, The Royal Observatory, Amber Fort, Sheesh Mahal, City Palace and many bazaars like Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar etc. Elephant ride at the Amber Fort is a key attraction of the golden triangle tours.

Apart from these three major cities, golden triangle tour packages also take you to the Fatehpur Sikri-the erstwhile Mughal capital. The city is adorned with some of the historically rich remnants of the erstwhile era. Situated between Agra and Jaipur, it is one of the finest examples of Mughal architectural splendour.

So, get set to embark on the golden triangle tour and witness the best of the country in terms of culture, people, food, shopping, history and accommodations. Golden triangle tour packages await you to take you along the three cities so that you can make some wonderful memories to be cherished for a lifetime.